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IBPlugin new version 1511

Hello community,
there is a new IBPlugin version 1511.

Product Page:

IBPlugin – Universal Interactive Brokers API Plugin

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Release Notes:

IBPlugin Release Notes

– IBPlugin is now capable to query contract data and to save a contract from query result along with unique custom symbol
name to database, so you can get conid/uidc from function

Similar to position data, the query creates a snapshot list with affected contract and returns the number of contracts.

MetaTrader code snippet:
// ——————————————–
// [#8] Do a contract query:
Print(“+++ contract query START”);
// create a snapshot of all HE FUT contracts. Timeout 5 seconds
Print(“##contracts=”,total_objects );
// list all returned contracts with symbol and conid
for(int idx=0;idx < total_objects;++idx)
// file:///C:/Program%20Files/
int uid = ibgCONTRACT_INFO_INT(idx, 7);
string symbol = ibgCONTRACT_INFO_STR(idx, 8);

// if this is the contract you are looking for, use
// this function to add it to internal database along
// with unique symbol name
// uid = ibgADD_CONTRACT_IDX( idx, “my_unique_symbol_name”);
// so you can access contract
// by calling function:
// ibgNAME_TO_UID(“my_unique_symbol_name”);

PrintFormat(“[%d] symbol=%s uidc=%d”,idx,symbol,uid);
Print(“— contract query END”);

Market data request and access extended.
The market data request allows generic ticks argument.
It is now possible to retrieve Option data, like deltavegaetc. ,  tick EFP,  tick generic,  tick string.
Market data are stored in circular arrays. So there is a certain tick history store during runtime and can be accessed by index, where
index=0 denotes latest tick.

TradeStation / MultiCharts code snippet:
// subscribe to realtime data
ticker= ibgSUBSCRIBE_REALTIME_DATA(connection_id, conid, “”, “”);

For idx = 200 to 207 begin
// subtype identifier (idx)
// —————————

option_value=ibgGET_REALTIME_DATA(connection_id, ticker, 21, idx, 0);

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Recommended TWS Version for products

Unlike recommended in a prior post, it is best practise to stick always
with InteractiveBrokers time tested version (download lower right “TWS Offline-Version”). Currently this is version 981.xx.

Some users report problems using newer TWS like the version above.
For instance, the MTIB Order Copier never completes connection.

If you have this problem, go to API settings in TWS / Gateway and
follow this procedure:
– Uncheck “Allow connections…”.
– Reconnect software with TWS / Gateway
– When asked to accept connection from (name)/ip, note the IP
then create a Trusted  IP and just put IP (name excluded) in.
– Save
– When the software conencts next time, it should
work without the need to confirm connection.

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IBPlugin Version 1502

Changes of new version:

  • Bugfix: ibgORDER_CLOSE now works runtime persisten.  (Attention: This function can be executed multiple times. IBPlugin does not mind, if you call this function already for a specific order. It just executes an opposite order to the original order and minds allocation.
  • Correction of MetaTrader 4/5 examples: For FA Accounts,  call of ibgCREATE_ALLOCATION is after ibgCONNECT, which is the correct order.
  • ibgWAIT_FOR… – Functions independent from connection ID.
  • New Function: ibgWAIT_FOR_CANCELLED. Wait for cancelled state.
  • New Function: ibgWAIT_FOR_SUBMITTED_MULTI: Wait forsubmitted or filled status of multiple orders.
  • New Function: ibgWAIT_FOR_FILLED_MULTI:
  • Wait for filled status of multiple orders.
  • New Function: ibgWAIT_FOR_CANCELLED_MULTI:
  • Wait for cancelled status of multiple orders.


Download new Version

No prior uninstall required