MetaTrader – InteractiveBrokers Order Copier

The MTIB Order Copier, copies all types of orders from a MetaTrader 4/5 client to an InteractiveBrokers account, fully automated. No matter, if an order been placed manually, from script or (commercial or closed) expert advisor.



The copier can NOT feed MetaTrader charts with IBKR  data or display IBKR account data in MetaTrader.

This is not possible at all by design. The MetaQuotes business concept requires control about market data,  because money is made by artificial spread.

MetaQuotes- and IBKR market data differ only by artificial spread. The final source is the same: The exchange where those assets are traded.

Just find a MetaTrader broker, which has the assets your like to trade or CFDs on them. You can connect MetaTrader symbols to any IBKR contract.

Multiple MetaTrader 4/5 can be connected to the MTIB order copier.

Ordersize can be scaled in various methods.  For instance, by the relation of IBKR balance and MetaTrader balance.

You can define price offsets and price multiplers per symbol.

There are even more benefits: As you have no dealing desk, you have no requotes or delays caused by dealing desk. You get routed to the real markets where your order meets real counterparts.

As MetaTrader broker provide market data for free, you even can safe money for market data subscriptions.

Use all benefits of the MetaTrader easy interface or its programming capabilities but execute on InteractiveBrokers.

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Annual subscription prices

Note! The prices are listed depending on the number of IBKR customer accounts. This also includes master and customer accounts from so-called financial advisor or family accounts.

All prices shown without VAT.

If you need more account options than you can choose in the shop, contact us.

Number IBKR Accounts Single price Total price
1 119 119
2 119 238
3 119 357
4 114 456
5 114 570
6 114 684
7 109 763
8 109 872
9 109 981
10 109 1090
11 104 1144
12 104 1248
13 104 1352
14 104 1456
15 104 1560
16 99 1584
17 99 1683
18 99 1782
19 99 1881
20 99 1980
35 84 2940
50 79 3950

Release Notes

MTIB Order Copier new Version:

11. August 2020

Bugfix: Bracket Orders overfill protection worked not correctly. This has been fixed.


Product Page

MTIB Order Copier new Version:

19. June 2020

  • Unmap expired contracts: This function is linked to a button on contract page. It unmaps all expired contracts, so you can assign their mapped MetaTrader Symbol to newer contracts.
  • Selective order copy: This applies for ib_order_copy: An option has been added: ‘Copy MKT orders only’. If this is enabled, pending orders are ignored
    and only when a position is opened, the MKT for this is copied. You can also disable to copy SL and TP, by set -1 for Default Target Pips and Default Stoploss Pips in Setup / Misc. Settings.
    So the copier only takes action when positions in MT changes. Optional you can also Make a position sync before start copy This is first param of ib_order_copy.
  • Attention for Position Sync.: There seem to be problems with live accounts. It can happen, in particular, when ordersizes too low,
    that positions get accumulated. In any case make sure, that position differences are aboves IBKR minimum. Also consider to enable Account Protection. But it is recommended, not to use position sync.
    As an alternative, you can use ib_order_copy with the new option to copy only positions and even to ignore SL and TP provided by MetaTrader.