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IBPlugin new version 1511

Hello community,
there is a new IBPlugin version 1511.

Product Page:

IBPlugin – Universal Interactive Brokers API Plugin

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Release Notes:

IBPlugin Release Notes

– IBPlugin is now capable to query contract data and to save a contract from query result along with unique custom symbol
name to database, so you can get conid/uidc from function

Similar to position data, the query creates a snapshot list with affected contract and returns the number of contracts.

MetaTrader code snippet:
// ——————————————–
// [#8] Do a contract query:
Print(“+++ contract query START”);
// create a snapshot of all HE FUT contracts. Timeout 5 seconds
Print(“##contracts=”,total_objects );
// list all returned contracts with symbol and conid
for(int idx=0;idx < total_objects;++idx)
// file:///C:/Program%20Files/
int uid = ibgCONTRACT_INFO_INT(idx, 7);
string symbol = ibgCONTRACT_INFO_STR(idx, 8);

// if this is the contract you are looking for, use
// this function to add it to internal database along
// with unique symbol name
// uid = ibgADD_CONTRACT_IDX( idx, “my_unique_symbol_name”);
// so you can access contract
// by calling function:
// ibgNAME_TO_UID(“my_unique_symbol_name”);

PrintFormat(“[%d] symbol=%s uidc=%d”,idx,symbol,uid);
Print(“— contract query END”);

Market data request and access extended.
The market data request allows generic ticks argument.
It is now possible to retrieve Option data, like deltavegaetc. ,  tick EFP,  tick generic,  tick string.
Market data are stored in circular arrays. So there is a certain tick history store during runtime and can be accessed by index, where
index=0 denotes latest tick.

TradeStation / MultiCharts code snippet:
// subscribe to realtime data
ticker= ibgSUBSCRIBE_REALTIME_DATA(connection_id, conid, “”, “”);

For idx = 200 to 207 begin
// subtype identifier (idx)
// —————————

option_value=ibgGET_REALTIME_DATA(connection_id, ticker, 21, idx, 0);