IBPlugin is a Windows based DLL (Dynamic Link Library) that can be loaded into any program that allows normal DLL.

IBPlugin dramatically simplifies working with Interactive Brokers API.  IBLplugin is focused on placing, modifying and deleting orders and querying order, execution, account and portfolio data.  All data is also stored in an open source database.


IBPlugin is for programmers who use the plugin from a script or programming language environment.

IBPluign is the successor of TWSLink

 Why using IBPlugin

 Where to buy

 Explainer videos

IBPlugin makes working with Interactive Brokers API much easier. Placing an order is one line of code.  The order is managed even beyond the expiration times (close and reopen) of the host application or the TWS / Gateway.

Orders can be easily placed, modified and deleted.  They receive a unique ID with which the order can always be identified.
In the database, in the log files and in the IBKR reference of the order, which is also visible in the execution window of the TWS.

IBPlugin IBPlugin has a well documented set of features that allows you to write the API part of your strategy with just a few lines of concise
lines of code.  This saves a lot of time.

The most important data can be accessed by well structured functions, such as

  • Order Status
  • Execution data
  • Portfolio data
  • Account data


All this data is additionally stored in a persistent open source database (sqlite).

In this way, this data can be easily made available in other programs.

Do i buy a subscription ?
Yes. Except the first options for a one time payment of EUR 10 for 10 days,
you buy a 6- or 12 month subscription with autorenewal. You can
cancel this subscription at any time.

Does the price depends on # of managed accounts (visible) in my TWS / Gateway login ?
Yes. As each account can have a benefit by the software,  you need a license for each account.
In our shop you just select an according number of licenses.

60 days right of return applies


Is there a test version available ?
Yes. For EUR 10 you can buy a 10 days test version. 1 EUR per day.

Where to get the software ?
Once purchased, you get a download link in our digistore24.com store.

 What are typical programs (hosts) that can use IBPlugin

Typical programs include:

  • TradeStation (usable in EasyLanguage scripts, strategies)
  • MultiCharts (usable in PowerLanguage scripts, Signals)
  • MetaTrader 4/5 (usable in .mql Expert Advisorn, indicators and scripts)
  • Excel VBA (load as a DLL)
  • Load as DLL in C/C++ programs
  • Load as a DLL in .Net programs
  • Other programs / environments that allow loading of ordinary Windows DLL

 How to get help

Help is available once through the documentation, examples, forum and paid support.

  • Help via documentation:

    It can be started from the Admin application
    or called via the File Explorer.  It is normally located in this directory:
    C:\Program Files\trade-commander.com\IBPlugin\documentation\_index.html
    As Link, click me

  • Help via the examples:

    MultiCharts / TradeStation in:
    C:\Program Files\trade-commander.com\IBPlugin\multicharts\ibplugin_demo.txt
    MetaTrader 4/5 in:
    C:\Program Files\trade-commander.com\IBPlugin\packages\default

  • Help from community:

    Forum englisch
    Einfach registieren und den Benutzernamen melden an:

  • Paid support:

    Please mail to: