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MetaTrader and Interactive Brokers

We often get requests to connect MetaTrader with InteractiveBrokers (IBKR).
Poeple expect to login into their IBKR account using MetaTrader 4/5.

This is not possible. MetaTrader is not designed for this.
Also feeding MetaTrader charts with external market data, like
IBKR quotes, is not possible.

Also JTWSData can not do this. You can create your own MT symbol (custom symbol) and then use JTWSData to feed with IBKR market data
, even realtime but you won’t be able to place an order for such symbol.

Why not ?

Because the MetaTrader design is a closed concept:  You can only trade with
MetaTrader Broker you are connected to by MT login. This MetaTrader broker has
its own tradeble symbols.

A custom symbol belongs not to this list.

MetaTrader brokers need control about market data for their business
concept.  This is how they make money. So they won’t allow to trade symbols,
which they do not control.

The good news: You can even use MT4/MT5 to trade an IBKR account: Explainer Video how to

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IBPlugin Version 1502

Changes of new version:

  • Bugfix: ibgORDER_CLOSE now works runtime persisten.  (Attention: This function can be executed multiple times. IBPlugin does not mind, if you call this function already for a specific order. It just executes an opposite order to the original order and minds allocation.
  • Correction of MetaTrader 4/5 examples: For FA Accounts,  call of ibgCREATE_ALLOCATION is after ibgCONNECT, which is the correct order.
  • ibgWAIT_FOR… – Functions independent from connection ID.
  • New Function: ibgWAIT_FOR_CANCELLED. Wait for cancelled state.
  • New Function: ibgWAIT_FOR_SUBMITTED_MULTI: Wait forsubmitted or filled status of multiple orders.
  • New Function: ibgWAIT_FOR_FILLED_MULTI:
  • Wait for filled status of multiple orders.
  • New Function: ibgWAIT_FOR_CANCELLED_MULTI:
  • Wait for cancelled status of multiple orders.


Download new Version

No prior uninstall required

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New Video Tutorials about IBPlugin

IBPlugin is a Windows based Binary Plugin – DLL – that can be used with any
Windows application, that can load ordinary DLL.

It makes the use of InteractiveBrokers API easy and straight.

It is the successor of TWSLink, focusing of the most important tasks:

  • Placing, Changing, Deleting, Closing Orders
  • Gettting Account Data Information (Equity, Margin, etc.)
  • Getting Portfolio Information (Position, Average Price)
  • Getting Order Information (Status, Properties,etc.)
  • Getting Execution Information
  • Providing Realtime Market Data: Bid,Last,Ask

There are 3 new Video Tutorials about IBPlugin in the Video Tutorial Playlist:
Installing, Administration, MetaTrader examples-

Please go on Video Tutorial Page and scroll down for the IBPlugin Video Tutorials.