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New Video Tutorials about IBPlugin

IBPlugin is a Windows based Binary Plugin – DLL – that can be used with any
Windows application, that can load ordinary DLL.

It makes the use of InteractiveBrokers API easy and straight.

It is the successor of TWSLink, focusing of the most important tasks:

  • Placing, Changing, Deleting, Closing Orders
  • Gettting Account Data Information (Equity, Margin, etc.)
  • Getting Portfolio Information (Position, Average Price)
  • Getting Order Information (Status, Properties,etc.)
  • Getting Execution Information
  • Providing Realtime Market Data: Bid,Last,Ask

There are 3 new Video Tutorials about IBPlugin in the Video Tutorial Playlist:
Installing, Administration, MetaTrader examples-

Please go on Video Tutorial Page and scroll down for the IBPlugin Video Tutorials.