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New recommended Interactive Brokers Traders Workstation Version (TWS 972)

Please apologize.  With our recommendation we switch back to this version.  Portfolio data are reported correctly.


User having higher verison and no problem should stick with those verison.


The version 972 has the advantage that it can be kept running using IBController (and IBStarter, a gui for IBController).


Download recommended Trader Workstation (version 972)


Download IB Gateway recommended (version 972)


Order increases leveraged FX position

When using software which works with an Interactive Brokers account, non USA traders may receive this order rejection notice:

Order increases leveraged FX position


The reason for this is may an insufficient margin.  You can try to solve this by logging into Account Management and request cash forex (leveraged forex) permissions.

32 bit platform support abandoned

Dear customers,

from now on our software will only support 64 bit windows. Microsoft itself pushes into this direction and many other serivces and software also focus on 64 bit, so we decided to follow this trend as it also reduces support time.  32 bit platforms are out of date and only alive due to compatibility reasons.  On modern windows dearly bougth by virtual layer for 32 bit applications. Hopefully you have no disadvantage by this.  If you still should run a 32 bit windows, we strongly recommend to update to 64 bit version.

Thank you for your understanding.