Copy MetaTrader 4/5 orders to an Interactive Brokers account fully automated - Save money!

The MetaTrader Interactive Brokers bridge copies MetaTrader 4/5 orders to an InteractiveBrokers account. No coding required. Just install the bridge and trade an Interactive Brokers account with your Expert Advisors or manually from convenient Meta Trader frontend. The bridge works fast, reliable and is supported. Take profit from better quotes and save much commissions. Read more..

Use Interactive Brokers API from anywhere

Checkout TWSLink, a plugin to enable Interactive Brokers API in many applications like Excel, TradeStation, MultiCharts, MetaTrader, etc, or programming languages from Python to C++. Placing an order requires 1 row of code. You can’t make it more simple. Easy, reliable,fast. Read more..

Make your trading system implementation faster. Focus on the important things.

trade-commander.com provides software for realtime traders, fund managers with a focus on Interactive Brokers , MetaTrader, FIX or custom API.

Our plugin technology makes it easy, to use your favour broker API from within applications – like Excel or TradeStation, script- or programming languages, as Perl, Python or VB.NET,C++ etc..

Request for your custom solution

If our products are not an exact solution for your requirements, request for your custom plugin / interface , based on FIX, Trading Technologies or Interactive Brokers API. Just write us a message, describe your demands to get a proposal.

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