bridge report: what do columns mean?

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bridge report: what do columns mean?

Post by Guillaume »


I printed an html report from Bridge, and I have some question about columns signification.
For example, trade on EURUSD

Code: Select all

IB symbol	MT symbol	Side		Shares	Price		MT-Price	Category
EUR.USD		EURUSD		BOT		200000	1.18807000	1.19252000	target
EUR.USD		EURUSD	 	SLD		200000	1.19286000	1.19252000	mt5_open_position
What is the signification of MT-Price ? Because it is the same value to enter and to exit the position. The "Price" column is the execution price on IB, I've check in my account. But no idea about the MT-price column.
Next, in the Bridge app, "Executions" tab, I have a "saved-pips" column. What is the signification? We can guess this is the difference of price between the MT5 broker and IB prices, but as the enter and exit positions have the same values in column MT-Price, it doesn't mean a real difference.


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Re: bridge report: what do columns mean?

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In case of market orders, the important column is price, which is IB price. The MT-price is the price you got at MT.
mt5_open_position means, this is your position entry price. If you set a target, this is a lmt order. As limit orders have price
guarantee, the MT price is same as MT entry.

Only for entry and stop, which are turned into market when triggered, you may like to know the different prices at IB and MT.

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