Video showing stresstest of the MetaTrader-Interactive Brokers bridge

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  1. Leroyal says:

    Hi there,

    I’m trying to bridge MT4 to IB but I can’t get it to execute any oil trades because i’m not able to map MT4 oil symbol (WTICOUSD) to IB using your software ( I have tried to add CLF7 symbol in the add Interactive contracts section of your software but it keeps on saying wating for matching contracts for ever… I did put in the exchange (NYMEX as well but nothing is being pulled )

    any guidance on how to map OIL from metatrade (WTICOUSD) to IB sybmol CLF7 (underlying CL IND, exchange NYMEX, security type FUT )\


    • tclive says:

      i tried to reproduce it this by making an order in TWS and this was not possible.
      It is related to the contract which is physically delivered and this is not possible with IB.

      Can’t you pick another oil contract, like QM ? -> QMF7, NYMEX, FUT, USD ?
      I checked this with MT4 and the bridge and it works.

      Basically, you can link any MT symbol to any IB contract you like, if it makes sense or not.
      The challenge is only to pick the most appropiate contract at IB.

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