Trade Copier InteractiveBrokers

What is Trader Copier IB

The Trade Copier Interactive Brokers is a Windows based software that copies orders from one Interactive Brokers account – the SOURCE –  to another Interactive Brokers accounts – the DESTINATION. Filters and allocation settings are used to selectively copy orders for a specific subgroup of accounts.  Order sizes can be scaled, orders inverted and more.

Why should i use it

  • You are guru trader and you want serve with your skills for a friend
  • You are guru trader and want to sell your skills to a another (Financial Advisor) account holder
  • You are  using Collective2 and like to replicate trade signals on a Financial Advisor account
  • You are using any other signal provides which is not supporting Financial Advisor accounts
  • You make losses and want to turn them into wins (invert order feature)


Feature List

  • Define multiple filters
  • Multiple filters are linked by OR logic
  • Define a per filter FA allocation  (only for FA version)
  • Filter orders by attribute conid
  • Filter orders by attribute security type (STK,CASH,FUT,etc.)
  • Filter orders by attribute regular expression applied to symbol. Exampl: EUR(.*)  -> copy only orders which contract symbol starts with ‘EUR’
  • Filter attributes linked by AND logic
  • Invert filter: Uncheck ‘Match Flag’ makes filter working vice versa: what prior passed filter for copy, is then blocked
  • Deactivate filter: You can deactivate filters to temporarily suspend them without the need for deletion.
  • Invert orders: You can turn BUY to SELL or vice versa on Destination. MKT order remains MKT. LMT are turned into STP LMT (to keep price guarantee) and STP LMT are turned into LMT. Other types are NOT inverted.
  • Capable to run 24/7


Does the Copier require TWS as SOURCE and DESTINATION gateway

No. You can also use Interactive Brokers gateway for this. Don’t forget to set the same API settings as in TWS

What is the recommended start order of TWS/gateway and Trade Copier Interactive Brokers

Generally the Trade Copier should run before a source trade is generated and the DESTINATION should also run.

So starting Trade Copier, DESTINATION and then SOURCE and most important if you do not manually trade the SOURCE, the SOURCE order generator, like a trading robot.

Do i need to run SOURCE and DESTINATION on same machine as Trade Copier Interactive Brokers

No, all 3 components can run on different machines. But you should consider to keep delay, imposed by network route, as low as possible, in particular if your trades are time critical.

What is the meaning of the Master API client ID

This ID is only important for SOURCE connection. On the DESTINATION just keep the same number. If # set in SOURCE connection of the copier matches to the Master API client ID in the SOURCE TWS or gateway API settings, the Trade Copier is able to catch all orders for this account, regardless who or what (API client) created the order.

If you just want your manually orders been copied, provide as Master API client ID 0 (zero).  This means you only catch orders created in TWS on SOURCE.

Can i test the Trade Copier Interactive Brokers

Yes. Just download the Trade Copier IB from the link below. Once installed and a demo license created (you need to leave an email address for this, which is used only internally),  you can test it fully featured 14 days for free. After this time you can’t use it anymore or buy a subscription.

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