Scenario with Stoploss not hit on TWS

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Scenario with Stoploss not hit on TWS

Post by bridgetester88 »

TCBridge running
MT4 and TWS running and connected to the bridge

MT4 has opened one trade , say eurusd 0.01 long at 1.1350
stoploss is set to 1.1300
TCBridge transfers the trade and the stoploss to TWS
Everthing is done on TWS

Now, on MT4 the price goes down and hit 1.1300
The trade is closed from the broker thanks to the stoploss set.
It's not closed from MT4 directly
(I could also manually close MT4 terminal and the trade will be closed for sure).
So, there will not be any "direct closing request" from MT4 to transfer to TWS through the Bridge.

Now, say on TWS the price goes down without reaching the stoploss, say 1.1301
The stoploss set on TWS is 1.1300

Will the trade on TWS be closed?

Could be this a scenario where we can have a closed trade on mt4 and NOT CLOSED trade on TWS?
It happened today during my testing, so on MT4 the trade was closed because the stoploss was hit.
On TWS it did not hit the stoploss, so it didn't closed.
It's not a tradecommander's bug, but this could happen.

I believe I could avoid this "issue" using stealth that a good idea?

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Re: Scenario with Stoploss not hit on TWS

Post by board_admin »

the trade gets closed at IB as well, because, regardless if on MT side the position was closed explicitly or by sl triggered,
it is a close event.

The bridge receives this close event and turns the stop into a market order which automatically also cancels the tp attached.

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