Location of SW download and TS support files

IBPlugin is further development of TWSLink.It is focused for the useage with MetaTrader. But as it is a DLL, you can use it everywhere on Windows which supports DLL, e.g. in Trade Station or C++ applications or make wrapper for Perl, Python etc.

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Location of SW download and TS support files

Post by ksokha »

I wanted to check the latest software version before getting a license. I downloaded version 1.5 but I do not see any Tradestation related files, DLL function definitions, or examples. I also don't know where is the official download site.

Could you please let me know where I can download the latest version of the Software and if you have code examples for Tradestation usage?

Many thanks

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Re: Location of SW download and TS support files

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please watch this video, that explains all. Some minutes.

// this video explains the Admin Tool. You can reach help from admin tool and apply license using Admin Tool
https://youtu.be/anCcZpmr_kQ?list=PLYD3 ... dcECuxa954

There are 4 videos explaining IBPlugin:
#1 Installation
#2 Setup (Admin Tool).
#3 MetaTrader example
#4 MultiCharts/TradeStation example

The help explains each exported function of IBPlugin.

// The MultiCharts/TradeStation example is located in:
C:\Program Files\trade-commander.com\IBPlugin\multicharts

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