Issues Connecting via Paper Account

IBPlugin is further development of TWSLink.It is focused for the useage with MetaTrader. But as it is a DLL, you can use it everywhere on Windows which supports DLL, e.g. in Trade Station or C++ applications or make wrapper for Perl, Python etc.

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Issues Connecting via Paper Account

Post by user108 »

following Tutorial #4, and testing the ibplugin scrip in TS 10, here is the output...

Did the IB TWS/Gateway API change for any reason? The Admin tool shows a green connection to my paper account, yet when I apply the ibplugin demo script as shown in the tutorial, I get no trades/orders (like you do)... Here is the output of the Print Log

IBPlugin TradeStation MultiCharts Example
connection status= 0.00
+++ Account Data
EWL= 0.00
Margin= 0.00
# managed accounts= 0.00
is demo= 0.00
account list=
--- Account Data
+++ positions START
#positions= 0.00
--- positions END
+++ list pending orders START. #= 0.00
--- list pending orders END
+++ place some pending orders
order uid=1041806013.00 submitted= 0.00
order uid=827123860.00 submitted= 0.00
order uid=3796048870.00 submitted= 0.00
order uid=2534453567.00 submitted= 0.00
order uid=658457699.00 submitted= 0.00
--- place some pending orders end
--- place MKT order
uid MKT=3105887683.00
--- place another MKT order and close it after fill
uid MKT=561287779.00
--- close positions for symbol
init finished

Appreciate some pointers as to why this is not even working on a basic level

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Re: Issues Connecting via Paper Account

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Figured it out... It was the hard coded port number in the EL script that I needed to change... All good for now..


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Re: Issues Connecting via Paper Account

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Good. Just a comment:

The Admin Tool has 2 main purposes, creating Symbol Mapping Tables (Configurations)
and to maintain license.

So usually no need to run the Admin Tool, because it takes one lock from license.

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