MT Bridge EA/script importannt issue

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MT Bridge EA/script importannt issue

Post by Guillaume »


Sometimes MTBridge works OK. And sometimes, like since a couple of days, I have important issue with ticks values coming from IB through MTBridge.
Please have a look at the following picture.
You can see in the top right corner the bad value of the ticks.
I have the tcEAScanOrder EA loaded in a chart.
And information coming from script tc_sc_events is displayed in the chart of the picture.

If I put the script again on the chart, the tick information becomes correct. But, maybe some hours later the same issue is back, on the same chart or another chart.

Do you have explanation of this issue? It's very important, because as the tick values are incorrect, my strategy doesn't operate correctly and of course I can't pass orders.

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Re: MT Bridge EA/script importannt issue

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you are not using latest version. Please update to latest version:

Before install, please make sure all MetaTraders closed or at least all tcEAScanOrder and all trade-commander scripts are detached.

If you see those strange values, then it means no bid or ask is available at the moment.

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