What API settings should I use in TWS?

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What API settings should I use in TWS?

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I have attached a screenshot of the TWS API settings I'm using for auto trading, are these settings correct and optimal? Also, what value should I enter for the "Master API client ID" setting in the TWS API settings? I'm using the following code for connecting to TWS and IB server "once" at TradeStation run-time:

ret_connect = CONNECT("",7496,1,1000);

Please see attachment below which shows all the TWS API settings I'm using. Would you recommend to change any of these settings?

Thank you in advance. Much appreciated.

Kind regards,

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Re: What API settings should I use in TWS?

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The settings look fine. Perhaps check create API log. Sometimes it is useful to clarify problems.

- Read only unchecked is clear
- Download open orders on connection not required, because TWSLink does this anyway.
- DDE not required, since you do not use Excel with DDE connectio TWS.

if you want to connect to TWS or Gateway from another machine,
you need to uncheck
-Allow connection from localhost only

and to provide the IP of the machine from which you want to connect to TWS/Gateway.


The master API clientid is for API clients who wants to have control about orders from
all API clients and i guess, this includes TWS orders.

So, if you call

Code: Select all

you can get control about all orders.

If you connection with clientid=0, you have also control about orders placed in TWS.

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