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IBPlugin New Version

This new version comes with some bugfixes and has also a new expert for manual traders, the:

IB Position Sizer


This expert calculates order volume based on fix stoploss or calculates stoploss, based on fixed order volume.

This is dones based on a custom defined risk in % and the current InteractiveBrokers account balance (CASH value).

Alle Berechnungen basierem auf eurem InteractiveBrokers Konto, im Speziellen, der Balance (CASH Wert).

Also this expert is a free addon for IBPlugin. You can change the sourcecode and you can sell it.

It never been so easy to trade an InteractiveBrokers account from within MetaTrader charts.

Download Setup file: ibpluginSetup


IBPlugin New Version

New Version of IBPlugin has been released. Besides minor bugfixing it contains an example for use with MultiCharts or TradeStation.

After installation can be found under:
C:\Program Files\trade-commander.com\IBPlugin\multicharts

Download Setup file: ibpluginSetup


What is IBPlugin ?
IBlugin is a plugin for Windows applications to trade an InteractiveBrokers account.

It contains examples how to use it with MetaTrader 4/5 (MT-IB Trade Panel) and this new version also an example (Signal) how to use with MultiCharts or TradeStation.


Question: Can IBPlugin feed MetaTrader charts with IBKR market data ?

No. This is not possible at all. Click link for more information.