Next generation MetaTrader – Interactive Brokers Interface: IBPlugin

IBplugin is a general Windows component that can be used in Windows applications or script- and programming languages.  It is a further development of TWSLink with a focus on MetaTrader.
IBPlugin can be used by coders, as well as endusers who get software based on IBPlugin.  Such a sample is the IB Trade Panel:  This expert advisor for the MetaTrader platform makes it easy to
place orders for an Interactive Brokers account on MetaTrader charts.  Orders are only executed on your Interactive Brokers account.



Coders can write their own experts and sell them.  They can use all open sources that are shippted with IBPlugin. This includes the IB Trader Panel.
You can use it, change it and sell it in closedcommercial applications.  The only thing you and your customers need is an IBPlugin license.
This will be below EUR 100 per year for Interactive Brokers single accounts.


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