Configure Traders Workstation / Gateway

Prepare TWS or Gateway to accept API client connections. The MTIBBridge is an API client. Most important: Open ActiveX connections, check the port (it must match to port on 1. page of the MTIBBridge upper left) and make sure that incoming connection request form localhost (same machine= are allowed.

Configure MetaTrader

Prepare MetaTrader to allow DLL import. The MTIBBridge concept uses a plugin DLL from within MetaTrader in order to communicate with the bridge, It just opens a communication channel between MetaTrader and MTIBBridge.

In MetaTrader Menu go on Tools / Options / Expert Advisor

and set this dialog like shown on the image to the right.

Attach bridge ExpertAdvisor

Attach ExpertAdvisor ib_order_copy to ONE chart only of your choice. It will even though transmit orders for all symbols. This ExpertAdvisor is listening to internal orderlists or events of MetaTrader and forwards them via the plugin DLL to the bridge. Please look at the image to the left where you can find this ExpertAdvisor.

If you can't find ib_order_copy...

If you can’t find ib_order_copy in the navigator section for ExpertAdvisor, you may need to copy the ExpertAdvisor manually to the appropiate MetaTrader folder.

Source: Pick the file from MTIBBridge installation folder. This is usually in;

c:\program files\trade-commander\MTIBBridge2\components\MT4 or MT5. (our source)

Destination: Goto your MetaTrader on File and click

“Open Data Folder”.

In MetaTrader 4:

Copy source  / MT4 ib_order_copy.ex4 to  data-folder/MQL4/ Experts

in MetaTrader 5:

Copy source  / MT5 ib_order_copy.ex5 to  data-folder/MQL5/ Experts

Check all

Finally check the bridge all is configured correctly. If so, you should see your TWS account name in the lower right of the bridge (presumed TWS is running) and at least one MetaTrader instance with a blue snake (indicates tcEAScanOrder running) listed in the table upper right. Please look on the image to the right:

Request help / Quick TeamViewer session

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