MetaTrader-Interactive Brokers bridge troubleshooting

Order not placed at Interactive Brokers account – Troubleshooting

List of the most likely reasons:

  • Missing account information: Some IB accounts have more than one account, in particular FA accounts. This requires to tell IB, what account to be used for an order. You can setup this per MetaTrader instance. Go to the bridge page 1 (Setup), in the table to the right, double click on your MetaTrader and edit the allocation. If you just want to use single account, set allocation type to ‘account’ and Name of set to the name of the target account. You can also set any predefined allocation. Allocations are defined in TWS.
  • Margin violation: The size of Interactive Brokers order is too high and violates your current margin. Adjust ordersize or lot/shares muliplier for this contract in the contract setup page.
  • IB contract not found: This means, that your MetaTrader symbol is not linked to an IB contract. The IB contract – MetaTrader symbol linkage is done on page ‘Contract Setup’. Double click on the target IB contract. In the upcoming dialog, type your MetaTrader symbol in the field next to ‘Add MT Symbol’ and click on ‘Add MT Symbol’, then click ‘Ok’.

  • No trading permissions. Log into your Interactive Brokers account manangement or call Interactive Broker support to solve
  • expert ib_order_copy or ib_position_sync not attached to ONE chart of MetaTrader.
  • If none of the above-mentioned causes are the case, please contact support.