MetaTrader – InteractiveBrokers Order Copier

What is the MetaTrader - Interactive Brokers Order Copier

The MTIB Order Copier, copies all types of orders from a MetaTrader 4/5 client to an InteractiveBrokers account, fully automated. No matter, if an order been placed manually, from script or (commercial or closed) expert advisor.

Just the charts can’t be feeded by InteractiveBrokers (IBKR) market data. This is not possible at all, because the MetaTrader business concept requires control about market data (artificial spread).

But, is this really a problem ? Prices in MetaTrader or in TWS or gateway, finally have same source and just differ by the artificial spread.

As you get market data for free with MetaTrader brokers, you just need to pick the MetaTrader broker who has the symbols you like to trade. Then fund some money and request for an unlimited demo.

This way, you also save costs for market data subscriptions at IBKR.

Multiple MetaTrader 4/5 can be connected to the MTIB order copier.

There are even more benefits: As you have no dealing desk, you have no requotes or delays caused by dealing desk. You get routed to the real markets where your order meets real counterparts.

Save money, the price the copier included. Use all benefits of the MetaTrader easy to use interface or its programming capabilities but just exectued with InteractiveBrokers.

Feature List

  • MetaTrader 4/5 compatible
  • Copy orders placed manually in MetaTrader
  • Copy orders placed by scripts or indicators
  • Copy orders from Expert Advisor (also commercial where .mql code is not availabe)
  • Copy orders from multiple MetaTrader clients to an Interactive Brokers account
  • Copy orders from MetaTrader real or demo account
  • Copy orders to an Interactive brokers public demo-, paper- or real account.
  • All MetaTrader ordertypes supported
  • Copy target and stop loss (create an IB bracket order -> controlled at IBs servers)
  • Free MetaTrader symbol – Interactive Brokers contract linkage
  • Adjustable Interactive Brokers account target shares (define your lot multiplicator per contract to set target shares)
  • Full support for Interactive Brokers Financial Advisor accounts (Allocation defined per MetaTrader client)
  • Price multiplier per contract (multiply MetaTrader price with a per contract definable factor for IB target price)
  • Stop Limit pips definable per contract to implement stop limit orders from MetaTrader 4 stop orders
  • Fast and reliable. Capable to run 24/7.
  • Matured since its introduction in the year 2009
  • Extensive, scaleable logging
  • Account protection feature
  • Cost savings tracking per execution
  • and more..

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