MetaTrader – InteractiveBrokers Trade Panel

What is MT-IB Trade Panel ?

The MT-IB Trade Panel is a tool installed along with IBPlugin. It is a panel attached to MetaTrader charts to quickly place and adjust orders for an Interactive Brokers account. It runs as expert on MetaTrader 4/5 charts.  No orders are placed for MetaTrader broker.


Where to download ?

Download IBPlugin (contains MT IB Trade Panel,etc.). Run installer, provide a valid email (we do not use for marketing) and you can test all features 14 days for free.


What do i need to run the MT-IB Trade Panel ?

  • A valid Interactive Brokers account
  • A valid MetaTrader live- or demo account with ticking quotes.

How does the trade panel know what IB contract to be used for MetaTrader symbol ?

You can link any IB contract of your choice to a MetaTrader symbol. The IBPlugin Admin Tool, installed along with MT-IB Trade Panel, is used to do this mapping. This is an application where you can search for IB contracts and link MetaTrader symbols to such an IB contract.

What is the price for this ?

The prices are listed here.


Where to buy the Trade Panel and IBPlugin ?

You can purchase the software here:


Whoe to setup the Trade Panel ?

Please watch this setup video


Can i change the MT-IB Trade Panel ?

Yes, you can. But you do this on your own risk. However, it is desireable that you can implement your own ideas. The MT-IB Trade Panel is both: The MT-IB Trade Panel is both a finished product and a teaching example of how to use IBPlugin with the MetaTrader.


Can i sell or market my experts, scripts or indicators ?

Yes. And you can keep the sources closed. The only thing your customers need, is an IBPlugin license.  The costs of the license depends on the number of IB accounts your customers wants to trade.


Is the MT-IB Trade Panel supported ?

Yes. There is a forum where you can post your questions. It is free. Just write an email when you subscribed, so we can approve you. You can also buy support.



Anymore questions ?

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