MetaTrader Interactive Brokers Bridge new version

Release Notes

  • New Feature: Postions can now get one way synchronized.  All pending orders are ignored. This is called sync and the sync mode is exclusive. The sync source is always MetaTrader.The sync mode get’s enabled when expert  ib_position_sync is attached . The sync mode keeps Interactive Brokers positions in line with positions at MetaTrader according global- and per contract shares per lot multiplier. All contracts that are listed in the bridge contract page, are affected by the synchronization.
  • New feature: A new per MetaTrader instance shares per lot multiplier has been introduced. This multiplier is set autmatically by the ratio of: IB Balance / MT Balance. The multiplier can be enabled by doubleclicking on the MetaTrader instance on the bridge 1. page. Check the feature at the bottom. The multiplier makes it possible to apply all MetaTrader risk calculations for the Interactive Brokers account.
  • Bugfix: Some minor fixes.


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