MetaTrader Interactive Brokers Order Copier (MTIB Order Copier) new version Clean Install Recommended

Release Notes:

  • Default Stop- and Target removed.  It is now possible to apply stop and/or target after initial orders.  Also orders without stop- and target are closed correctly.
  • Close by orders fixed (MT4, MT5 hedge).
  • Symbol mapping simplified: To add an MT Symbol for an IBKR contract, just doubleclick in the MT Symbols Column add a comma (,) and the MT Symbol, press Return.
  • IBKR Contract Search simplified.
  • Added Positive MT Symbol List, Negative MT Symbol List as parameters for all experts: copy and sync. The list allows to define which MT symbols to copy/sync only (Positive List) or which to exclude from copy/sync (Negative List). Positive List dominates Negative List.
  • Logging revised. Logs are more transparent.
  • Bugfixes.
  • RECOMMENDED Gateway VERSIONGateway 974


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