Multi Order Copier

The Multi Order Copier copies orders from one or more InteractiveBrokers accounts to one or more InteractiveBrokers accounts.



The copier consists of 2 modules, several of which can be distributed over the network / Internet.

The HUB connects to all source TWS / gateways and allows connections of the so-called client modules.

The client modules each connect to one or more target TWS / gateways.

An order is created on the source TWS / Gateway side, is forwarded to one or more Client Modules in the HUB and a copy is created for all connected destination TWS / Gateways.


  • Ordertypes: Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit.
  • Full support of Financial Advisor Accounts.
  • Invert orders.
  • Custom size orders: Free multiplier, Balance Relation Multiplier.
  • Free symbol mapping: Keep target order symbol like source order symbol or set custom symbol.
  • All involved components can run on different machines and connect through LAN or internet.

The 14-day trial version includes setup service via TeamViewer / Skype