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  1. Hi there,

    I looked at this video. It looks good. However, can I really use it to trade Equity future contracts ? Usually, in Hong Kong (my home country), metatrader is for trading FX and /or gold contracts. The reason I explored metatrader is that its programming language for doing algo trading is free of charge. Moreover, I don’t want to keep too many different trading systems (e.g. MetaTrader, Amibroker, Mulitcharts). If I can have just 1 single system like MetaTrader which can trade Equity, FX, Gold future contract that is ideal. The only broker that supports this is Interactive Broker.

    That’s why I am looking a solution that allows me to connect MetaTrader to IB in a robust manner.

    Pls. revert on my for the questions that I submitted in another email about the cost of this software, etc.


    George Advani

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