Using Windows software on Mac OS

Unfortunately, software is only running on Windows. Native Mac support may possible in future. However, If you now like to use software on Mac, you have 2 options:

  1. Using Apples Bootcamp to install Windows on your Mac alongside MacOS.
    Pro: Windows running natively on your Mac hardware (useful for video and audio editing. But which Mac user would use Windows for such kind of work ?).
    Con: You can only run either Windows or Apple but not both at the same time.
  2. Installing VirtualBox or Parallels, so called virtualizers and on this virtualizer install Windows (or any Linux you like)
    Pro: You can run Windows or any other operating system next to MacOS.
    Pro: You can install and run as many other OS on your Mac you like, if memory and harddisk or ssd space allows this.
    Pro: Windows and Linux systems are installed (and tested) very quickly
    Pro: Just move with an installation to another machine (or on your new Mac) by just moving 1 file per virtual OS.
    Pro: No trouble with drivers. Virtualizers provide standard drivers for Windows and most Linux systems.
    Con:Virtualized OS are connected to hardware through virtual layers. Some are pretty direct, some are not. So there is a performance drawdown which is only important for hardware intensive application. But for such software, you would use your Mac or not ? So not really an issue, except there is a software requirering strong hardware and only available for Windows.
    In this case, you’d better go with Bootcamp.


SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATION: To use software on Mac, you don’t require native hardware connection. The performance of todays virtualizers is pretty good. So we recommend to simply install VirtualBox (wich is free and a very good virtualizer) or Parallels on your Mac or . Within VirtualBox or Parallels simply install a windows of your choice. Windows 7 home edition is absolutely ok and you get licenses starting from ~ $ 30. You are then able to use your native MacOS and one ore more Windows or Linux OS at the same time on your Mac. Data between the several OS can be transfered through a virtual network. You switch between all running OS like switching between applications.

Virtualization at all is a great method to separate tasks, like using a high secured Linux distribution for surfing the web or a special Windows to do office work or your media work on your native Mac OS, etc..

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