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What is TWSLink

A free universal plugin for Windows to use Interactive Brokers API with your favor platform like:


Herunterladen TWSLink

No dealing with details of Interactive Brokers API. All this is done for you. Concentrate on your trading system implementation. Get quick results. Save time.

TWSLink contains NO advertising and NO adware.

Why using TWSLink

  • Save time for implement your own trading- application, – script
  • Keep your code clear
  • Get liberated from details of Interactive Brokers API
  • Enjoy powerful features: automatic reconnection, automatic rerequest, fire and forget orders, order-, execution- or account data database
  • Easily change your platform (quickly move from Trade Station to MultiCharts, from Excel to Python or to other chart applications or other script- or programming languages that can load DLL/COM)

TWSLink reduces the time to implement your trading system dramatically. It makes the use of the Interactive Brokers API much easier, more intuitive and more general.

It also enables IB’s API on many environments at all. Commands  like placing an order, are always called in the same manner . A buy limit order with TWSLink – in whatever the environment – is always: PLACE_ORDER(…,”LMT”,…).

TWSLink reduces the number of native API code lines dramatically. It is easily intergrated with different environments. In addition, because of it’s  license on a subscription base, the plugin is always up to date with IB’s API. You do not need to care about, if IB changes an order command or market data request.

Features digest

  • Placing/modifying/cancelling orders (stocks, Futures, Options, Futures Options, Forex, ETF, CFD).
  • Account- and portfolio information.
  • Automatic maintenance of connection and all requests.
  • Access to market data(realtime, snapshot, OHCL, market depth and historical).
  • Fire and forget requests for market data (realtime, snapshot, OHCL, market depth and historical).
  • Execution report.
  • ODBC database support.
  • Internal, fast sqlite database to store orders, executions, account information, etc.
  • Query data from TWSLink command or browse it with free tools, like SQLite Administrator .
  • Detailed and scaleable logging.
  • Global variables.
  • Sending email.
  • Batch Development tool to create and test your command squences
  • Container commands, like closing all positions with one command
  • Running on 32- and 64 bit Windows OS.
  • Thread safe
  • Event polling for active event control (you decide to check, if something happens, like a fill)
  • Callback hooks in up to 6 different threads for passive event control (your callback is called, when something happened)
  • Many examples for download.
  • Customized wrappers to expense compensation possible.
  • Matured in over 9 years since its introduction.
  • and more..

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