MetaTrader Interactive Brokers Bridge new version

Release Notes

  • New Feature:  General “shares per lotsize multiplier”. This multiplier can be set at the top of contract page. Together with the per contract “share per lotsizes multiplier” it is used to compute # of shares at IB for a given lotsize: IB-shares=global multiplier * per contract multiplier * lots
  • New Feature:  MKT open orders that are placed during bridge not running are now be placed, if there are not timouted. The timeout for such orders can be set in the new dialog “Setup / Miscellaneous Settings”. If the timeout is set to zero, than such an orders is placed in any case. A prerequisite of course is a running tcEAScanOrder expert advisor.
  • New Feature:  Then standard stop and target can be disabled in the “Setup / Miscellaneous Settings”. Just provide zero (0) pips for target and/or stoploss. This pip # defines how far from current market standard target and stoploss are placed unless a user defined target and/or stoploss is provided.


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