New version MetaTrader Interactive Brokers Bridge

Release Notes

  • Bugfixes: The bridge hangs on start when license is initial;Minor fixes.
  • Further improvements of contract handling:  The initial load of IB contract data has been accelerated.
  • Automatic IB contract assigment for MetaTrader symbols [1].
[1] Some MetaTrader brokers put a post- or prefix on their symbols, like ‘eurusdfx’ instead of ‘eurusd’, etc. The new version checks the list of registered IB contracts for a contract which local symbol, short symbol,is contained in a MetaTrader symbol of an order.
This is only important, if an IB contract for a MT symbol was not found by an alias. The new automatic function is most effective on forex contracts and a benefit for new installations and user who do not know how to map IB contracts to MT symbols.

[ddownload id=”1025″ text=”Download version″]

Note: tests the bridge and other API software always against the actual stable TWS offline version which can be downloaded here: Stable TWS.  Pick the link in the lower right ‘Offline TWS’. like on this screenshot:

TWSLink offical stable offline download

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