New version MetaTrader Bridge

Release Notes

  • Revised for new Interactive Brokers API version
  • Realtime unrealized profit and loss indicator
  • Simplified account protection
  • Order inversion for market orders -> MetaTrader buy order is translated to IB sell order(and vice versa). Stop and target adjusted accordingly. Applies only for market orders
  • Capable to run multiple bridge instances, each connecting to a different Interactive Brokers account.

Attention: Users of previous version please contact for proper update or do the following:

  1. Before update, make sure your are flat in Interactive Brokers and all MetaTrader accounts which orders are copied through the bridge
  2. Uninstall MetaTrader Interactive Brokers bridge
  3. Go to c:\program files\trade-commander\MTIBBridge and delete all files and folders except the .lic (license) file.
  4. Download and install new version.
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