Can the bridge feed MetaTrader charts with Interactive Brokers data.

No. There is no software that can do that. The MetaTrader business model is based on having control about data (artificial spread). Consequently there is no client side (MetaTrader client) API for market data. 

However, is this really important ? Pick a MetaTrader who has the symbols you like to trade. Compare the quotes to IB. Along with the bridge, an expert advisor called tc_ea_bridge_events is installed. This expert shows the actual IB Bid,Ask in the MetaTrader chart along with calculation of current  MT-ASK-IB-ASK and MT-BID-IB-BID difference. It makes visual how far or close MetaTrader and IB quotes are.

Also: As you can expect better fills at IB for market orders and limit orders can’t be placed as close to market as it would be possible with IB, all your expert advisor backtest results are the worst case in comparison to what you can expect when applying your strategy to an IB account uisng the bridge.

Finally, there is no need to make philosophy about this. With the expert advisor tc_ea_stress_test, it is possible to get a definite judgment about whether the bridge is a profit for you or not. Adjust this expert to simulate what is likely with your expert: Frequency of trades and sizes. Make one or more tests run.

After each run check the Runtime Equity Delta for IB and MetaTrader shown in expert advisor tcEAScanOrder (which has to be attached to one chart). The higher values wins. If the IB equity runtime-delta is higher than that of MetaTrader, do you still care about having IB quotes in MT Charts. Would it still be such a major point ?

Please watch the stresstest video to get an idea of what the bridge can do for its money

Can i have a test version of the bridge

Yes. Just [ddownload id=”1025″ text=”download” style=”link”] and install the bridge. It can be used with all features 14 days for free. After this period, you can’t use it anymore. If you buy a subscription, you just provide this license to the bridge and you can proceed.

Can i run the bridge on Mac OS or Linux

Natively not. But never mind, there are good options that makes it possible to run trade-commander.com software on MacOS or Linux. Please read this article: Using trade-commander.com software on Mac OS

You will have an additional benefit to just use trade-commander.com software when using a virtualizer. Virtualizer can make your computer work more secure and more dedicated. Moving to new hardware is easy and so on…

Short: we recommend to create a virtual windows in the virtualizer of your choice, where you run TWS and MTIBBridge and MetaTrader in a box.
(or install MetaTrader on Mac and connect to the bridge in the virtual machine Windows). When you installed a virtualizer, this is done in 20 minutes. Then you can move with this virtual machine on any hardware that support the virtualizer you installed (for instance to your brandnew Mac).

Can the bridge copy orders to a Financial Advisor account

Yes. You can define the desired allocation profile with all parameters per MetaTrader instance.

What is the difference between Financial Advisor (FA) account and single account.

FA account is an advisor account or family account. It is used by fund managers or people who take care about accounts of their family or friends. FA accounts are capable to use so called “allocation profiles”. Those profiles can be defined in TWS and allow to define how an order is divided into the subaccounts. Therefore, the bridge running with an FA license, allows to set the allocation per MataTrader connected.

What symbols can be traded. Are stocks, ETFs, futures,etc. possible

There is no limitation, except bonds. Any symbol that is available with the MetaTrader broker of your choice can be linked to any symbol that is available with Interactive Brokers.

If you like, you could link MetaTrader symbol EURUSD to Interactive Brokers contract AUDUSD or MSFT, if it makes sense, is another question. However, you are free to do this.

Never mind, the bridge comes with many predefined pairs, mainly forex pairs and some CFD (Dax, Dow), because they became more popular.

If you like to trade exotic contracts, the challenge is to pick a MetaTrader edition – > so a MetaTrader broker which provides this symbol and then to find best fitting contract (quotes are as closes as possible) at Interactive Brokers database.

Can i connect multiple MetaTrader clients to the bridge


Do all components: Traders Workstation (TWS) or gateway, MetaTrader and the bridge need to run on same machine.

No. The bridge connects per TCP/IP to TWS or gateway and to MetaTrader. So all components can run on different machines. So all 3 components can reside on different machines. It is recommended to run all components on same machine, because you simply reduce the network distance.

Can i run the bridge with MetaTrader demo account


Can i run the bridge with Interactive Brokers public demo or paper account.

Yes. The paper account should be preferred as it has no delayed real time quotes and more adequate execution simulation.

What is expert advisor tcEAScanOrder for

This expert advisor is essential for the bridge to work. It reads out all orders placed in MetaTrader, in order to forward them to the bridge, which creates orders for the Interactive Brokers account. You need to attach it to one chart only of your choice. It will anyway detect orders for all MetaTrader symbols.

Can i trade different order sizes at IB than given by lotsize of my MetaTrader order

Yes, you can set a multiplier for this per contract in the contract setup page of the bridge. Doubleclick on contract and set the value in the filed Size / Shares per lot.

Can i run the bridge on a VPS

Yes. You should have >= 2 GB Ram on this machine.