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Video showing stresstest of the MetaTrader-Interactive Brokers bridge

In this video you can see a stresstest of the MetaTrader-Interactive Brokers bridge. Positions for 4 different symbols are opened and immediately closed. This happens 30 times in a row with a short delay of 10 milliseconds between each open/close sequence. The ordersize is 5 lots=500.000 shares.

Both accounts are flat at startup and when test has finished. At the end of the video, the total costs generated at MetaTrader and Interactive Brokers are compared. Short in advance:   The Interactive Brokers account generated  $ 1324 less costs than MetaTrader account.  This applies for 4 x 2 x 30 = 240 transactions, each with a size of $ 500.000.

The stresstest is installed along with bridge. Users can adjust parameters or change the code according their requirements. This way, they can imagine whether the bridge is a benefit for their personal trade setup or not. The question : “Should i buy the bridge or not” , is reduced to a simple mathematical equation.


Watch stresstest video

New version MetaTrader Bridge

Release Notes

  • Revised for new Interactive Brokers API version
  • Realtime unrealized profit and loss indicator
  • Simplified account protection
  • Order inversion for market orders -> MetaTrader buy order is translated to IB sell order(and vice versa). Stop and target adjusted accordingly. Applies only for market orders
  • Capable to run multiple bridge instances, each connecting to a different Interactive Brokers account.

Attention: Users of previous version please contact for proper update or do the following:

  1. Before update, make sure your are flat in Interactive Brokers and all MetaTrader accounts which orders are copied through the bridge
  2. Uninstall MetaTrader Interactive Brokers bridge
  3. Go to c:\program files\trade-commander\MTIBBridge and delete all files and folders except the .lic (license) file.
  4. Download and install new version.
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