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New IBStarter Version – works with TWS 974

IBStarter is tool on top of IBController to automate and parameterize the start of TWS or gateway. It also makes it possible to prevent TWS from autologoff.

Release Notes: This version uses new IBController (version 3.7.4 beta) to work with latest TWS / Gateway 974.

Note: When you have problems to start a configuration with this new version, just load it in IBStarter App (doubleclick on configuration) and press “Save Configuration”.  Try again.


Download IBStarter


IBStarter Webpage

Video Tutorial about IBStarter

IBStarter is an application which can automate the startup of TWS or gateway. Traders can use IBStarter to start their live or paper accounts in various configurations: like specific TWS and/or java version, by just one doubleclick on a shortcut on desktop. Login credentials are stored encrypted and filled in automatically to login dialog of TWS/gateway.


Video tutorial about installation and use of IBStarter